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Neinor Homes Buys 4 Plots Of Land In Boadilla Del Monte

6 October 2016 – Real Estate Press

Neinor has purchased four plots of land in Boadilla del Monte, which have a combined buildable surface area of 15,000 sqm. The real estate company is going to construct 110 family homes on the plots.

The property developer has acquired the plots for €12 million and the homes will be aimed at clients with high purchasing power.

True to its vocation of being the largest residential property developer in Spain, Neinor Homes has been buying up buildable land in recent months in Madrid, Cataluña, País Vasco and Andalucía, where it plans to construct more than 800 homes. Neinor Homes avoids urban planning risk by always buying land for which planning permission has already been granted.

The development in Boadilla del Monte will go on the market for an estimated price of €3,000/sqm.

Original story: Real Estate Press

Translation: Carmel Drake