Neinor Closes its Sales Offices But Continues its Building Projects

The company Neinor Homes, one of the three largest property developers in the country, has announced that it will maintain its construction activity despite the health alert generated by Covid-19. The real estate company, which had been planning to deliver between 1,700 to 2,400 homes this year, has indicated that it is making the “utmost effort” to continue its activity in the construction sector, with the aim of trying to avoid “serious consequences” for the market. To this end, it is asking for maximum collaboration between the Public Administration and agents in the sector.

“At an operational level, all the company’s building projects are still underway for the time being. Moreover, Neinor Homes is making every effort to continue activity at its sites in accordance with the safety parameters that are always necessary, with the aim of minimising the impact”, said sources at Neinor. “However, given the impossibility of predicting the evolution of this situation and the fact that the health and safety of all of our workers is always our absolute priority, the company will adapt its construction plan, in coordination with the construction companies, to ensure that they are affected as little as possible, “they added.



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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake