NCG Aspires to Manage All Sareb´s Technology From Galicia

28/01/2014 – La Voz de Galicia

Novagalicia is one of the finalist banks to be hired by Sareb to provide technological services (…). The bad bank wishes to set a new IT platform that would manage its land, unfinished buildings, flats, etc. found in its balance, allowing even a direct sale of individual property via the Internet. In case of NCG, the services would be provided from Galicia (the bank has got establishments in Vigo, A Coruña and Ourense).

The results of the competition will be oficially announced tomorrow, according to consulted sources. Santander, Sabadell and Caixabank are also aspiring to the contract, and they are shareholders of Sareb. Sareb´s technology management contract will be passed to the IT department of NCG that already supports Etcheverría, Evo and Hal Cash.


Source: La Voz de Galicia