Mortgages Rebound For the First Time in Four Years

29/05/2014 – Cinco Dias

According to the data provided by Spain´s Institute of Statistics (or INE), the number of mortgage approvals registered in March was higher than in the previous month. This has not happened since 2010.

Thus, 16.625 loans were granted in March, by only 0.2% more comparing with February but  by 2% more than in the same month 2013. However, one must take into consideration that this year´s Easter befell in April, while last year in March and this fact may have driven the positive figures.

In general, there are numerous signs of growing tendency of the market. Over the past three years, mortgage approvals declined 32% year-on-year. In 2005 and 2006, just before the real estate bubble burst, each month saw 130.000 granted loans.

Moreover, in March the amount lent for house purchase stood at €1.7 billion, increasing year-on-year by 7.7%, considerably higher than the number of mortgages. It is because an average amount per loan shows 102.397 Euros, 5.6% more.

Fernando Encinar, research director for forecasts “the upcoming months may bring rise and at the end of the year we may even see positive development”.

Average interest rate for a mortgage was still above the benchmark, at 4.04%, but lower than in February (4.11%) and by 25 bps smaller than the 4.29% in November. Around 92%  of the mortgages are lent at variable rate, while 87.3% at Euribor as the reference. Average term is 20 years.

Over the past few months banks started to lend mousily at 2% differential over Euribor, for instance Santander, Bankinter, ING Direct, Cajasur, Caja Duero-España, Caja Rural de Granada, Deutsche Bank or Barclays. The Bank of Spain announced a 40% upsurge in lending in March.

In fact, also amendments in mortgages are carried out more frequently than before, setting at 4.4%. Subrogations pledged by the lender rose by 34.6%, while subrogation via property purchase increased 3.2%. Changes in terms and conditions stagnated with -1%.


Original article: Cinco Días (by Nuño Rodrigo Palacios)

Translation: AURA REE