• Transaction / Assets
    39.9% of Otemachi Park
  • Seller
    Mitsubishi Estate
  • Buyer
    Norway sovereign fund
  • € MM

Mitsubishi Estate Sells a 39% Stake in an Office Complex to the Norway Sovereign Fund for €668M

The complex, called Otemachi Park, has been valued at YEN 199.7 billion (€1.67 billion). The offices are home to companies including the US bank Citi and the professional services firm PwC.

The design of the operation

The Norwegian fund has explained that it intends to finance 12.6% of the acquisition with a bank loan. Two other real estate firms in which Mitsubishi Estate is a shareholder will each acquire 5%, in such a way that the parent will retain 50.1% of the ownership of the complex. The Japanese firm will be completely responsible for managing the property.

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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake