Ministry Of Development: Finished Homes Fell By 4.9% In Jan

30 April 2017 – El Mundo

In January 2017, construction of 2,973 homes was completed in Spain, which represented a decrease of 4.9% compared to the same month in 2016, according to data from the Ministry of Development.

In this way, the number of finished homes in Spain began 2017 on a negative note, after recording nine consecutive years of decreases in 2016. Since the peak of 2007 (641,419 homes), the figure decreased by 94% with respect to the end of 2016.

Of all of the homes completed in January 2017, 99% (2,945) corresponded to private developments and 1% (28) to Public Administrations.

In comparison with the figures recorded in the same month in 2016, the construction of homes by private developers decreased by 5.3%, whilst the number increased in the case of Administrations from 16 to 28 constructed homes.

In the private segment, 1,918 homes were constructed by companies, representing a YoY increase of 5.3%; 956 were built by individuals and communities of owners (-21.2%) and 26 by cooperatives (-59.4%). In addition, there were 45 construction completion visas relating to another type of private developer.

Meanwhile, the liquidation value of the material execution of the construction work rose by 27.86% in January, to €444.7 million.

Renovations rose by 4.7%.

Permits to renovate or restore homes in Spain amounted to 1,785 units in Spain in January 2017, which represented an increase of 4.7% with respect to the same month in 2016 (1,705 permits).

In this way, permits to renovate homes began 2017 on a positive note, after recording two consecutive years of increases, although the rise in 2016 (2.7%) was more moderate than in 2015 (13.4%).

In 2014, permits to renovate homes recorded four consecutive years of decreases and dipped to a minimum in the historical series prepared by the Ministry of Development, but that trend was broken in 2015, and the new trend was consolidated in 2016 and maintained at the beginning of 2017.

Meanwhile, permits to expand properties doubled in January, from 89 during the first month of 2016 to 197 in 2017.

Original story: El Mundo

Translation: Carmel Drake