Ministry of Development Announces Governmental Plan to Unify Real Estate Market

14/03/2014 – La Informacion

The secretary of Infrastructure Department announced that a new plan drawn by the Government, establishing cooperation between the State, all autonomous communities and regional entities, will guarantee unity of the real estate market and town planning.

The measures have been set up in order to facilitate operators related to housing, city planning and land “to work in a more productive and efficient market, with less expenses and more benefits for common good” tells the Ministry. (…).

Last Friday, a conference has taken place that involved participation of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (briefly called FEMP in Spain). At the meeting, a conclusion was made that “cohesion of the market is essential for Spanish economy competitiveness”.

According to the secretary, Rafael Cátala, once the new regulation into force, (…) in the second quarter of the year, steps will be taken to create new workplaces. (…).



Original article: La Información (Europa Press)

Translation: AURA REE