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Mercadona Pays €10.6 Mn for a Warehouse in Vitoria

14/10/2014 – Expansion

Mercadona, one of the leading supermarket company of Spain, has just purchased a plot of 150.000 square meters located in the Jundiz industrial area for €10.6 million paid to Gilsa, a firm held by the Basque authorities and the City Council of Vitoria. The chain is going to raise in there a logistics hub in the north of the country.

This way, Mercadona confirms its bet on Euskadi, specifically on Vitoria, where it has opened its first supermarket in the region and presently is preparing for inauguration of two more before the end of the month. The Jundiz center will be the 13th distribution hub of the group and it will supply the stores in the north of the Peninsula. In fact, the Valencian company embarked few months ago in Navarre and inside its plan of expansion in the Basque Country it expects to open 25 shops within the next six years.


Original article: Expansión (by M. Vargas)

Translation: AURA REE