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Mango to Buy the Chamber of Commerce´s Premises in Bilbao

The fashion chain Mango targets at expanding its patrimony and arranges purchase of a bulding hosting the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, at 13 Gran Via street in Basque capital. According to El Correo, the building will be transferred for 10 million Euros and the business corporation will return to the “green” building in Pozas, Biscay.

The place where the new shop of Mango will move to is situated on the most quoted street in Bilbao. It is worth to mention that the Chamber of Commerce sought financing and cutting in expenses and so it found in selling the building. (…).

Mango runs three shops in Bilbao: two situated on the Gran Via street and the other in the Old Town (Casco Viejo).


Source: Tormo