Madrid Issues 35% More Building Permits

5/09/2014 – El Economista

From January throughout to August, the City Council of Madrid has handed over 2.741 new home construction permits, by 35% more than the same period last year, states the data made public by Paz Gonzalez, a delegate from the capitals Town Planning and Housing department.

According to another report presented later by the local governments spokesman Jose Enrique Nunez, out of these 2.741 new dwellings, 1.485 (54%) are somehow subsidized, while the rest, 1.256 units (46%) are unsubsidized.

If the tendency prevails, at the closing of the year, the City Hall will have issued nearly 4.300 new building permits, pulling behind a €258 million investment and creation of 10.750 jobs.

Nunez stated the data is very positive and it falls into the pool of signs of improvement in the real estate sector.


Original article: El Economista

Translation: AURA REE