Logistics Agreements Make For €400 Mn Investment in Madrid

18/11/2014 – Expansion

By the end of September, logistics contracting in Madrid rose up by 25%, totalling at 282.436 square meters and resulting in a €400 million investment. Contribution of the Socimis (Spanish REITs) should be emphasized, as Aguirre Newman reports in its latest study.

In fact, transactions registered from January to September in the capital equalled to 96% of the 2013 total.

Logistics absorption in the third quarter of 2014 reached 57.073 square meters, an 86% greater area than during the same period of time a year before, although by 42% smaller than in the second quarter of 2o14, as it happens each year for the summertime.

In regard to the transactions’ volume, 62.5% corresponded to below-7.000 square meter areas. Aguirre Newman takes into account eight deals sealed in the last three months in Madrid with 65% of them registered in the rental market.

When it comes to absorption, the Corredor del Henares area (located Madrid north-east group of highly industrial cities) accounted for 57% of the Q3 operations’ total, while the Zona Sur (South Area) for the remaining 43%.

Contracts on 61.178 square meters were signed in Barcelona, underperforming 40% from a year earlier, whereas year-to-date, the number amounted to 158.954 square meters, 25% less.

The Alt Camp area concentrated 32% of the Q3 score in a single deal, and Baix Llobregat and Valles Occidental made up for the rest of the percentage.


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Translation: AURA REE