On Loan News, Colonial Shoots Up by 21.22%

11/04/2014 – Expansion

After the news spread about obtaining a €1.040 million loan by Colonial, the real estate shares went up by 21.22%, reaching 2012 values. The loan shall be added to planned €1.266 million capital enlargement, to be carried out soon.

The shares were sold for 2.40 Euros a share. What is more, Qatar sovereign wealth fund acquired a 3.78 % holding in Colonial valued at €20.4 million. (…).

For the nearest capital enlargement the company has got €572 million pledged by its shareholders: €308 mn to be contributed by Villar Mir (who could possibly gain a 29% stake), €164 mn by Santo Domingo and €100 mn by MoraBanc. (…).


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