Leroy Merlin to Invest €370 MN & Create 2.500 Jobs

11/04/2014 – Expansion

Spain was the first destination of Leroy Merlin when it decided to expand outside of France. 25 years later, one of the leading DIY markets decides to gamble on the country again and invest €370 million in 22 new store openings. The new establishments will create 2.500 direct and 1.000 indirect jobs.

The main target of Leroy Merlin is to cover 17 regions and grow in the most potential areas, such as Galicia, Castille and León, Madrid and Catalonia. Each shop will have a 8.500 square meter area. The plan foresees creating smaller stores as well, of 3.000 square meters, in the city centers, however “only if they turn out to be profitable and the lease not too expensive”, Ignacio Sánchez, head of Leroy Merlin in Spain, said.

(…) Last year, the chain earned €1.5 bllion in Spain, by 3.5% more than in 2012. (…) It has got 58 shops and 8.000 employees in Spain. Its market share is equal to 12%. (…).



Original article: Expansión (by Gemma Martínez)

Translation: AURA REE