The last decision of the ECB will limit the rise of Euribor at 12 months.

The Euribor at 12 months, the main indicator for mortgages at one year, will close this month with a rise up to 0,524%. However, it looks like it will see a limitation to any rises after the last decision of the ECB.

In the last meeting of the ECB, Mario Draghi, its president, announced that the interest rates “will continue at its current levels or at lower ones during a longer time”. It also added that “50 basic points (current level of the rate) is not the limit”.

However, the euribor at 12 months has risen during this month of July due to a reduction of the expectation of a fall of the interest rates in view of the calm in the peripheral countries.

In any case, this mortgage indicator will close this month at 0,524%, from the 0,507 in June, experiencing its second month of increases. This means a reduction of 0,537 points from July 2012. (…)

Those experts consulted by indicate that the rises of euribor will be stopped by Draghi´s words. (…)