Land prices drop 17% and register another historic minimum level.

Land prices continue breaking records. Downwards, certainly. The average amount paid per square meter in the second quarter of 2013 dropped 17,4% from year to year, reaching 161,5 Euros, the minimum level in the history of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Compared with the previous month, prices increased by 2,7%.

In towns of more than 50.000 inhabitants, the average price per square meter dropped even more, a 25,2%, after reaching 330,1 Euros. The highest prices were found in the province of Barcelona (714,9 Euros), Ciudad Real (571,8 Euros) and Zaragoza (426). The number of transactions did increase, although this is not a significant figure, in view of the low activity in the land market. 3.828 operations were carried out in the second quarter, 36,7% more than in the first one and 5,1% more from year to year.