La Generalitat Blocks Colau’s Initiative to Dedicate 30% of New Builds to Social Housing

21 November 2018 – Eje Prime

The Government of Cataluña is blocking Ada Colau’s star initiative in terms of public housing, for the time being at least. The mayor of Barcelona has faced a setback following the decision of the Sub-Committee for Urban Planning, which has decided to postpone the ratification of the municipal agreement stating that 30% of new build properties in the city must be dedicated to social housing.

Colau was outraged by the decision, which she blamed on the Catalan Ministry for Land and Sustainability, which reports into La Generalitat and which “is now seeking to include changes and increase the extensions”, lamented the mayor.

“I do not want to think that La Generalitat has yielded to the pressures of any of the very powerful real estate groups”, added Colau. She is surprised because PDeCAT and ERC, allies in the regional government, “want to introduce reductions when those same parties approved the measure in the Town Hall”.

“The Sub-Committee for Urban Planning does not have to give an opinion on this measure, it just has to approve it”, said the mayor. “It is unacceptable: La Generalitat should not downgrade a municipal proposal, which in this case is also well argued legally and economically and which has already been approved”, said Colau.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake