Kronos To Build A New Shopping Centre In Galicia For €35M

28 September 2017 – La Región

Kronos, a company that develops and manages both residential and commercial assets and that has projects all over Spain, is going to embark on an important operation on the San Cibrao das Viñas industrial estate (in Ourense). The firm is going to build a large retail park on a plot of land measuring 40,000 m2, of which 18,100 m2 will constitute the net sales area. The park will be located on the site of the former Muebles Calvo factory, on the main road of the industrial estate, next to the access roundabout, by the Reboredo exit. The property’s façade overlooks the road, along which more than 20,000 vehicles travel per day (…).

Kronos has been looking for a site for this retail park for a year and a half “in areas where the market is interesting, and Ourense undoubtedly appealed to us for that reason”, says Manuel Holgado, Partner at the property developer. In addition to the 18,100 m2 of sales space, the retail park will have 750 parking spaces and the total investment is expected to amount to around €34.5 million. The company calculates that 250 direct jobs will be created as a result of the operation, as well as 96 indirect roles.

The largest store will be occupied by a DIY company

Enrique Feduchy, Partner at Kronos, says that the names of the commercial brands that are going to move into the park cannot be confirmed yet “because we are still holding negotiations”, but he did reveal that the largest retail space, around 8,000 m2, will be reserved for a DIY company.

In addition, there will be a food space, which will occupy 2,000 m2; another space measuring 1,500 m2 for domestic appliances; and the rest of the stores will house retail, sportswear, household goods, textiles and leisure goods, according to the first version of the plans “which may be subject to changes”, according to the company.

Feduchy specifies that the model that they are going to introduce in San Cibrao “does not exist in Ourense, because it is going to be a retail park with specialist stores, serving a sector of the public that will travel from Vigo, Santiago and A Coruña”. According to the developer’s plans, the first phase of the construction work will be undertaken during the first half of next year (…) and the park is expected to be open by the end of 2019 (…).

In terms of other opportunities, Manuel Holgado says that “we are looking at other options in Galicia for residential and commercial operations, but we have not signed anything yet” (…).

Original story: La Región

Translation: Carmel Drake