Judges carried out 46.400 evictions in 2012, 14% more.

The foreclosures initiated by judicial bodies have increased by 368,7% during the five years of the crisis (2008-2012) when compared to the previous five ones (2003-2007), so they have multiplied by more than four and have registered an average annual increase of 73,7%, according to the figures of Judicial Statistics of the General Council of the Judiciary.

(…) According to these figures 20,3% of the foreclosures were carried out in Catalonia, while 19,6% took place in Andalusia, 17,6% in the region of Valencia and 10,1% in Madrid.

(…) When revising these figures, the General Council of the Judiciary reminds that the evictions may affect different types of buildings, not only homes, and the fact that the eviction is requested does not mean it can afterwards be carried out.

(…) On the other side, the judge Jerónimo Alonso Herrero, holder of the court number 3 in Arrecife (Lanzarote), has ruled the first decision in Spain to paralyze an eviction, as advanced by El Mundo. (…)

Source: Expansión