Inditex Seeks to Expand Its Meco Warehouse by 1.000 SQM

12/12/2014 – Cinco Días

The City Council of Meco admitted that Galician textile giant Inditex had applied for expansion of its logistics hub, found in local R2 industrial area, by additional 1.000 square meters.

Plans of Inditex assume having the new space at disposal within the next 18 months.

Meco’s City Hall expressed satisfaction with the news, seeing in the investment a benefit for the clothing firm’s nearest neighbours and surroundings in the R2. ‘The key location is attractive for companies and their activity brings wealth and jobs to the city’, assured the mayor, Pedro Luis Sanz Carlavilla.

Moroever, this expansion will be included in the local Plan for sector SUS-AE1, involving 1.9 million square meters of lettable space in total.

The land which Inditex would acquire belongs to Arpegio and it is located inside the Corredor del Henares corridor range, near to Madrid.

Currently, the national and international distribution center of Inditex in Meco has 300.000 square meters.


Original story: Cinco Días

Translation: AURA REE