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Inbisa Sells 1,600m2 Of Office Space In Barcelona

31 July 2015 – Noticias Logística y Transporte

Inbisa Inmobiliaria has sold 1,600 m2 of office space, 9 parking spaces and 2 store rooms in the Torre Inbisa Plaza Europa, in Barcelona to a Russian private equity investor. The building’s occupancy rate will increase to 80% as a result of the sale.

According to Inbisa Inmobiliaria, “the buyer, which has been advised by Residae Barcelona Real Estate Consultancy, has valued the investment on the basis of the solvency of the tenants, the stability of their contracts, the characteristics of the asset and the potential for the growth in value of the property”. (…).

Plaza Europa has consolidated its position as a strategic area in Barcelona thanks to its proximity to the Barcelona-El Prat airport, the port, the AVE station and the city centre; and many companies have chosen to locate their headquarters there. Torre Inbisa Plaza Europa is the only building in the area that offers to sell offices, with spaces available measuring as little as 200 m2.

The tower is more than 100m tall and has a total above-ground constructed surface area of more than 19,500 m2 over 25 floors, measuring 800 m2 each. It also has 2 underground floors with capacity for 237 parking spaces, 700 m2 of store rooms and a dining room, which may be used by the building’s occupants. (…).

Inbisa Inmobiliaria confirmed that “special care was taken with the design (of the tower) from the start to control the climatic exposure,  the light, ensure the correct thermal and acoustic insulation and natural ventilation, with the aim of optimising the facilities”.

At the end of June, Inbisa Inmobiliaria sold industrial warehouses measuring more than 3,700 m2 in Vizcaya in the Centro Empresarial Inbisa Derio.

Original story: Noticias Logística y Transporte

Translation: Carmel Drake