INBISA Doubled its Logistics & Industrial Construction Volume in 2017 to 250,000 m2

21 March 2018 – Press Release

INBISA Construcción continues to be a national leader in the execution of industrial-logistics projects, exceeding 250,000 m2 of constructed space in 2017, more than double the figure it recorded in 2016.

The team specialising in the Industrial-Logistics operations area is strengthening its organisational structure in order to continue leading high-quality projects and its commitment to clients.

In 2017, INBISA Construcción doubled the volume of constructed square metres built in the logistics and industrial area, taking the total for the year to more than 250,000 m2. That figure added to the company’s historical cumulative total means that it has built more than 1.5 million m2 of space in this sector.

The significant growth of the INBISA group’s construction company, which has historically played an important role in the industrial-logistics area, is happening in the context of clear consolidation in the sector at the national level, especially in Madrid and Barcelona.

INBISA Construcción plans to continue increasing its business volume in this area during 2018, supported by the positive outlook for the market.

Logistics platforms and complexes are products that are continuing to spark interest amongst investors, mostly international players. Large funds are buying logistics land, including even some spaces that exceed 100,000 m2, some with operators and others not, something that was more unusual in previous years (…).

The company’s most recent high-profile logistics projects include those undertaken for BCM in Getafe, for GreenOak and Rockspring in Corredor del Henares, for the Port Authority in Bilbao, for Axiare in Sevilla and for Goodman in Barcelona.

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Translation: Carmel Drake