Inbest to Debut on MAB on July 9

5 July 2019 – Richard D. K. Turner

Inbest Prime Inmuebles, the socimi which owns commercial premises leased to El Corte Inglés and the retail gallery in the Madrid’s Edificio España, will debut on Spain’s Alternative Stock Market (MAB) next Tuesday, valued at 83 million euros. The firm, which is controlled by Corpfin Capital, consists of a holding company which controls subsidiary socimis.

The first, Assets I, has a portfolio of four retail stores, all leased to El Corte Inglés, and an office building. The assets, which at valued at €189.6 million, are located in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Las Palmas.

The second, Assets II, was recently created but already controls a 15,000-m2 retail gallery in the Edificio España in Madrid. Inbest agreed to pay 160 million euros for the asset in January.

Original Story: Europa Press