Ibosa To Convert Hotel Foxá Into Luxury Homes

30 November 2016 – Cinco Días

The Hotel Foxá located next to Chamartín train station will soon disappear to be converted into a residential tower containing luxury homes, worth up to €1 million each. According to the property developer, the Ibosa Group, the design will adopt a “New York architecture” style.

The company, which manages housing cooperatives, will spend €30 million (including the purchase of the building) on the project to convert the former Hotel Foxá M-30 in Madrid – which has been closed since 2013 – into a 16-storey residential complex containing 72 homes, which are expected to be handed over to their owners during the final quarter of 2018.

70% of the homes in the tower, known as Torre Borealis, have already been sold and the demolition work is expected to begin next spring, once all of the properties have been sold. The construction work will involve the complete renovation of the building, including a total transformation of the façade, according to explanations provided by the Head of Ibosa.

In fact, the company expects to obtain the licence that it needs to undertake the work at the building within the next few weeks. The property previously housed a four star hotel for 13 years.

The price of the homes will range from €175,000 to €900,000, with each property containing between one and four bedrooms. Moreover, the constructed surface area will range between 40m2 and 200m2 per apartment. The building, located on Calle Serrano Galvache 14, will have a double height entrance hall and 1,000 m2 of common areas, including a “gastroteca”, a swimming pool and a gym. There will be several different types of apartments, including ground floor duplexes, (normal) duplexes and penthouses with terraces up to 120m2.

Hotel Foxá M-30 closed its doors after the company Trome, owned by the businessman Mariano Moreno Fernández, was declared bankrupt, with debt amounting to around €300 million. The company used to own several hotels and spas.

Original story: Cinco Días

Translation: Carmel Drake