Husa Owes €150 Million to Ministry of Finance, Social Security & Suppliers

28/02/2014 – Cinco Dias

The economical troubles of Hostelería Unida, the biggest affiliate of the Husa Group, have deepened during last two and half a year and ended up in putting the company up for auction due to its €100 million debt. According to the latest available data, the chain chaired by Joan Gaspart owes €53 million to the Ministry of Finance and the Social Security, juxtaposed with the €17 million debt at the end of 2011. (…).

The mercanile judge who ran the trial on February 11th, gave the chain a month to present a complete inventory of all the property in its balance and a report from its creditors to whom Husa owes about €90 million.

Moreover, the group has got an €84.5 million debt with financial institutions. The amount soared up by 67% in comparison with the €53 million in 2011. (…). Thus, the companies with the most urgent payment are Sabadell, waiting for €18 million, Popular (€11 million), Instituto Catalán de Finanzas (€10 million) and CaixaBank (€7 million).

The Husa Group owns liabilities exceeding €230 million and assets valued at €50.7 million and €107 million mortgages on its property. (…).

Among the creditors of the chain´s debt there are its own workers, as Husa owes a couple of unpaid salaries to the staff of UGT, Masia Bach (now Barcelona Golf) and the Rey Juan Carlos I, managed by it before. (…).



Original article: Cinco Días (L. Salces / A. Perona)

Translation: AURA REE