House Rental Prices Increase Across All Regions In November

11 December 2015 – Expansión

According to the latest data from Fotocasa, average house prices in Spain recorded their first YoY increase in eight years across all autonomous regions in November.

The real estate index prepared by this real estate portal has been detecting YoY increases in the price of rental homes since the beginning of the year, with the exception of Castilla-La Mancha and Navarra, which were still recording YoY decreases until October. But in November, YoY prices increased in all regions.

Cataluña led the ranking, with an average increase in prices of 10.6%, with respect to November 2014. It was followed by the Balearic Islands (7.8%), Madrid (6.3%) and La Rioja (6%). At the other end of the spectrum, Castilla-La Mancha was the region that saw the lowest price increases, specifically 0.7%. It was followed by Cantabria (1%), País Vasco (1.1%) and Navarra (1.3%).

“Rental prices are stabilising and although in many areas where there is high demand, they are rising sharply, in general, they will remain stable for the next year”, explains Beatriz Toribio, Head of Research at the portal. In terms of the evolution of prices by province, rental price increases were recorded in 26 of them with respect to October.

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Translation: Carmel Drake