Hotel Opportunities in Spain

1/02/2014 – Expansion

Spain comes back to the foreign funds´priority list. They are poising their employees all over the country in search for opportunities.

At the moment, the real estate market is absorbing all the attention, however, the hotel sector begins to observe some movement. The greatest transactions are carried out by random investors, like the Qatar Armed Forces, who has just bought the Hotel Renaissance in Barcelona, or the international chains, waiting for opportunities to enter Madrid and Barcelona via management contracts. For example, the owner of the Hotel Miguel Ángel in Madrid, Nadhmi Auchi is looking for an operator for his hotel. Right now, Hilton, Meliá, Barceló and Kempinski are favourites. (…).

Barcelona enjoys great interest on the international tourism´s part. (…) Although Madrid has suffered a decline in the last years, now it calls back the attention of chain hotels. (…).


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Translation: AURA REE