Marbella’s Hotel Don Miguel Will Reopen In 2019

4 May 2017 – Hosteltur

The Magna Hotels and Resorts group will invest €70 million in order to reopen Hotel Don Miguel de Marbella in 2019, fifteen years after it was closed. The property will be managed by Club Med and will be a high-end complex aimed at family tourism.

The project will result in the creation of around 300 jobs during the construction phase, as well as of many permanent jobs once it has been reopened, according to the President of Magna Hotels and Resorts, Jihad D. Megharief, and the Vice-President of Club Med, Gregory Lanter, both speaking at a press conference.

Megharief explained that the Arab investor group, which has owned the hotel since 2013, conducted an 18-month selection process to choose Club Med as the “most appropriate” operator from more than twenty candidates, which means that the French group will manage “this resort successfully for twenty years”.

“We are very happy to be investing €70 million in the transformation of an iconic hotel to convert it into the most important family resort in Spain”, said the President of Magna Hotels and Resorts, who highlighted that the project “is going to bring a lot of prosperity to Marbella”.

The event to unveil the hotel initiative was chaired by the mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, and was attended by the CEO of the public company for Tourism and Sport in Andalucía, Javier Carnero.

One of the best resorts on the planet

The complex, which will be called Magna Palace, will have 486 rooms and almost 1,000 beds. It expects to attract between 30,000 and 40,000 clients per year, according to remarks by the Vice-President of Club Med, who said that the resort will be aimed at families with children aged over 4 months.

Lanter explained that the hotel will also have several swimming pools, a golf course, sports facilities, a spa, two restaurants, a stage and significant facilities for conferences, with the aim of also appealing to European business tourists.

The leader of the French operator said that the project “is a wonderful idea that is already underway” and that it will convert an iconic hotel on the Costa del Sol into “the best Club Med complex on the Mediterranean and one of the best resorts on the planet”.

The heads of Magna Hotels and Resorts and Club Med thanked the Town Hall of Marbella for its support and requested backing from the Junta de Andalucía because “this project will only be a success if we continue to move forward together”.

Meanwhile, Bernal highlighted the importance “not only of reopening the hotel, but also of doing so with the backing of the two exclusive firms”, and the repercussions that the investment will have for Marbella in terms of employment .

Original story: Hosteltur

Translation: Carmel Drake