Haya Real Estate Divested Assets Worth €1.7 Bn in H1

22/08/2014  – Expansion

Spanish real estate asset and developer loan servicer Haya Real Estate has carried out divestitures of €1.7 billion during the first half of the year. Counting from its establishment in 2013 until the end of July 2014, the total divestment amount reaches €2.4 billion, high on the companys expectations.

According to the latest data, Haya RE, managing a €32.7 billion worth of real estate and financial assets, has sold over 6.500 residential units in Spain, setting the average daily pace at 42 homes. In July solely, the firm transferred 1.415 units of this type.

Presently, the company hires 620 experts in its 20 centers, as well as 9.100 external certified real estate agents (so-called APIs in Spain) and offices.

In June, Haya RE grew significantly thanks to a 10-year loan managment contract signed with Cimenta2 belonging to the Cajamar Group.

Hayas Residential Business Director Juan Carlos Herranz stated that having a market with 2 million dwellings for sale, ‘it is essential to know what, when and for how much you can sell.  ‘Our experience and management tools allow us to advise our clients on all of these dimensions ‘, he assured.


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