H1 2014: Evictions Advance at the Same Pace As Two Previous Years

9/09/2014 – El Economista 

Spains Association of Banking, Savings Banking and Insurance Product Users (or Adicae by its acronym in Spanish), assures the number of evictions maintains at the same level as it did over the two previous years. The organization also complains that the Government arrived very late with the amendment in the ruling which allows the mortgage debtor to appeal against repossession if an abusive clause had been included in the loan contract.

The authorities had to wait for six years and watch the housing crisis causing half a million of evictions and 300.000 forceful removals from homes to change such a deeply unfair and abusive regulation, they say.

The Association calls for more changes in the law to give a chance of avoiding losing their home to the debtors and if something like this occurs, to minimalize their conviction that they will be tied with the debt for ever.


Original article: El Economista

Translation: AURA REE