Government Permits the Reclassification of the Oficially-Protected Houses into Saleable if for Rent

In order to fight for the decline in number of the empty houses all over the country, the government decided to grant a permission to requalify some of the officially protected houses and destine them for rent.

“The houses which have received any type of aid or public benefits cannot remain uninhabited. They must fulfill the role they have been constructed for.” defends the resolution the Secretary General of the Department of Transport, Carmen Librero. She also reminded that the competency of execution of the order of lays in hands of the communities´ administrative bodies, including city councils.

In this regard, she also recalled one of the principal measures approved by the Executive Director in the Royal Decree on State Plan for Development of the House Rental, Building Refurbishment and the urban regenerations and renewals for years 2013-2016, which was accepted in April this year. The document described in details the proceedings that must be taken to convert the mentioned houses into legally inhabitable units.

“In this way, the empty officially protected houses that do not encounter a purchaser might benefit from the boost in the market. The rent of the houses will enhance the principles of flexibility and promotion of the house rental, now supported by the imminent entrance of the state aids together with the new State Plan for Development of the House Rental 2013-2016.” stated Librero. (…)

The Ministry of Development is now working on creating a data base which will allow to classify the houses in regard to their officially-protected status.

The Government will also take into account the research information provided by the Ombudsman and reports of the Senate Special Committee on the study of the new forms of social exlusion as a consequence of the rise in unemployment. (…)