Government Made 123 Million Euro Profit From Building Sales

21/01/2014 – El Mundo

Mariano Rajoy´s Government has registered income of €123 million coming from sales of the State Administration building property, in accordance with the disposal and rationalization plan. When it comes to rents, money saved is said to oscilate over €45 million. (…).

The President reminds that the current properties disposal plan embraces 15.290 units. (…).


(…) The target is to improve rental management, including renegotiations and termination of contracts. (…) By now, the State saved €45.69 million thanks to alternative contracts.

Reduction in Public Entities Number

The report mentions disappearance of 607 pubic-sector entities since the process started in 2010, aiming at liquidation of 751 public entites and organizations out of 2.365 existing ones, pulling the number down by 31.75%. 18% (cut down to 4.696 units) of premises has been eliminated. (…). It is just a part of an overall adjustment plan for all the autonomous communities in Spain.

Original article: El Mundo (after: Europa Press)

Translation: AURA REE