Google in Search of a New Building in Spain

7/10/2014 – Expansion

The two floors that the Internet king Google occupies in the Torre Picasso skyscraper in Madrid became too small for the short-term, though far-reaching, plans of the company.

The California-based firm is looking for a new building, probably in the outskirts of the Spanish capital, to create a campus patterned after the Silicon Valley installations which would serve as ‘a meeting and support spot’ for the national entrepreneur spirit of innovators, mentors and investors.

Setting up the new complex is not equivalent to moving out from the present headquarters, though. What it confirms for sure is the bet that Google placed on the country.

This will be the second campus of this sort in Europe, apart from the one in London. The aim of the investment is to enhance the technological innovation and business ventures all around the globe.

In August, Google announced an intention of opening new campuses in Seul (South Korea), Warsaw (Poland) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). Also, it already has one in Tel Aviv (Israel).

The new building in Madrid will be purchased within the first half of the next year. Neither exact location nor size of the sought property have been disclosed.

As per the figures in the Mercantile Registry, Google employs 141 workers in Spain. The real number, however, is bigger as some of the employees belong to international departments.


Original article: Expansión (by E. Arrieta)

Translation: AURA REE