Goldman Sachs Reduces Stake in Colonial to 0.5%

10/04/2014 – El Mundo

Goldman Sachs slashed its holding in Colonial by almost 4.5%. The company exchanged the 5% stake for mere 0.5% valued at €2.68 million in reference to current market price.

In 2010, Goldman Sachs obtained a 15% stake by executing debt from Colonial together with several other entities. After the reduction, the investment bank possesses 1.17 million shares that strictly speaking represent 0.518% of the entire stake.

The present-day holding in Colonial presents as follows: Grupo Villar Mir as the main stakeholder with 24.4%, followed by Coral Partners (14.7%), MoraBanc (7.5%), Crédit Agricole (4.9%), Santo Domingo (3%) and Fidelity International (3.38%).

Goldman Sachs´s leave coincides with the announcement of obtaining a €1 billion loan by the listed real estate firm. (…).



Original article: El Mundo

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