“Globaliza.com” to Provide Opportunity to Take Adds Out to the Streets

6/02/2014 – El Mundo

Real estate portal Globaliza.com offers its clients high-tech services: once their property advertisement published on the website, it might be also displayed in the streets. (…).

According to the portal, (…) “there is a great number of digital screens surrounding us every day: in the public transport, shopping centers, post offices, etc. and your add could appear in all these places”.

Vallacitaria.com, cooperating with Globaliza.com on the project and the owner of the said screen platforms, assures that the adverts will not be displayed randomly, but close to the commercialized property localization, (…).

“The service will be a ´low cost´one”, starting from €5 only, therefore everyone could afford it, without moving from the chair.

Vallacitaria.com is a benchmark for digital signage technology, with over 1000 campaigns in the real estate sector alone on its account. (…).


Original article: El Mundo  (Alberto Cuellar)

Translation: AURA REE