Galicia to Give €10,800 to Under-35s to Buy Homes in Small Municipalities

18 October 2018 – Inmodiario

The Xunta of Galicia is going to subsidise house purchases by young people under 35 by giving them up to €10,800 to buy homes in towns with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. That is according to the resolution published by the Diario Oficial de Galicia, which establishes the regulatory bases for the measure and marks the opening of the period for aid requests to be submitted, in accordance with the Housing Plan for 2018-2021.

The objective of these subsidies is to encourage young people to settle in the least populated towns, favouring the establishment of new households in the most rural areas of Galicia.

The resolution establishes that the amount of each grant will equate to 20% of the acquisition cost of the home and only ever up a maximum limit of €10,800 per beneficiary. Requests must be presented by 16 November (…).

Original story: Inmodiario 

Translation: Carmel Drake