The funds, with 14.000 million Euros for properties.

The Spanish real estate market is getting more attractive for investors. The international funds are ready to close acquisitions of properties “for 14.000 million Euros in the next twelve months”, according to a study carried out in Spain by the consulting company Knight Frank after meeting with 184 funds.

This amount places Spain in the spotlight of the great investors in the EU. The Spanish real estate market has reached the third position this year in the preferences of funds opposite to the sixth position it held in 2012.

Spain is now the most attractive European country to invest for 11,6% of those interviewed, only behind Germany – with 23,2% – and the United Kingdom (39,4%).

“The stabilization of the Euro zone in general, the indications of an improvement in the economy and the adjustment in prices accumulated since 2008 are, according to the funds, the factors that invite to reconsider the Spanish market in their investment plans”, Knight Frank pointed out yesterday in a statement. ”Spain has been the country with the biggest adjustment in prices in the European Union, with cuts of up to 65%”, Humphrey White, director of the corporate area of the British consulting company, stresses.