From 73m2 in Central Malaga to 27 m2 in Villaverde: the Lockdown by District

24 March 2020 –

Residents of the Centro district in Málaga have more than 72 square metres of surface area per inhabitant, compared to 48 square metres in Madrid, specifically, in the Moncloa-Aravaca area, and 26 square metres in Rekalde.

According to data compiled by the Brainsre big data real estate platform, each Spaniard has an average of 42.73 square metres of space in their respective homes, where an average of 2.51 people live. In terms of the locations with the most square metres per person, the regions with large rural areas stand out. But what about the large capitals? How much space do the residents of the most populated cities in Spain have?

The differences between the ten largest cities in the country are substantial. In this way, the 3.26 million inhabitants in Madrid have between 27 and 45 square metres of space per person, according to data collected by Brainsre.

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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake