Five Offers Submitted for c/Ramón Carande Plot in Sevilla

27 November 2017 – Diario Sevilla

The offers that have been presented by the five business groups that are participating in the exchange of the plot located on Ramón Carande, tendered by the Municipal Housing Company of Sevilla (Emvisesa), range between €7,010,000 and €9,926,094, including cash, land and finished homes.

On this plot, which is worth €7 million and which had space for the construction of just 68 homes initially, Juan Espadas has decided to exchange the land for development (…) with the aim of building 400 homes.

In this way, according to municipal sources, the envelopes containing the economic offers presented by the bidders have now been opened by the ‘Cesa de Contratación’. At the event, which was very well attended, representatives from the five bidding entities were present, including from Inmobiliaria del Sur SA, Abu Capital 2000 SL, Vía Celere Desarrollos Inmobiliarios SA, Salvo Global Property SL and Urbanismo y Promoción Meridional SL, as well as the managers of Gaesco and Inmobiliaria Viapol SA.

The values of the economic offers from the companies range between €7,010,000 and €9,926,094. Moreover, the valuation includes cash, land and finished homes that Emvisesa will receive in exchange for the land on Ramón Carande.

In this context, of the technical and urban planning documentation relating to these properties, the appraisal and report have been submitted to Emvisesa’s technical services for analysis, prior to the award, in accordance with the tender document that governs the procedure.

The aim of this exchange operation is that the sum of the homes obtained through this triple route allows the number of homes in the public stock to be increased by more than 400, whereby multiplying the number of dwellings authorised for the plot on Ramón Carande by six. Moreover, given that some of these 400 homes are already finished, Emvisesa should have a reasonable number of homes available immediately.

Original story: Diario Sevilla

Translation: Carmel Drake