Final Approval For Intermodal Logistics Centre In Aranjuez

11 February 2015 –

The Community of Madrid has granted the final approval for a specific amendment to the Urban Plan for Aranjuez, which will make way for the construction of the so-called Intermodal Logistics Centre, the first one of its kind to be built in the south of the Community of Madrid.

The centre will be constructed on a surface area of 34 hectares and will be completed in two phases, with investment from Adif expected to amount to €13 million and €8.5 million in each phase, respectively.

Previously, the central Government had already created the company Mixta Madrid Sur Logística Aranjuez, in which Adif holds a 47% stake; the remaining 53% is held by three private companies, which contributed initial share capital of €4.5million.

According to the mayor, “this approval will allow us to expand the railway network structure, to create a logistics centre in Aranjuez that will receive trains travelling along the Valencia-Madrid corridor, amongst others”. The mayor also highlighted that “the development of this logistics centre represents a new opportunity for both direct and indirect employment in Aranjuez”.

In addition to the surface area that the platform itself will occupy, the plot offers a further 70,000 square metres of space where other activities may be conducted, not only industrial but also tertiary including as hotels and the like. In total, the plot measures 350,000 square metres.

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Translation: Carmel Drake