FCC: Losses 78% Down, Ebitda 72% Up

30/04/2014 – Expansion

In the first quarter of 2014, FCC decreased its debt from €140 million to €31 million. The company hopes to squeeze the amount to zero in the following months. 

The losses include discontinued operations which showed €8.8 million in 2014, while in 2013 they turned €154.7 million as a result of FCC´s Energia portfolio value deterioration. 

The firm´s business turnover increased 2.7%, from €1.397 to €1.435 million, whereas ebitda shot up by 72%, from €97.4 to €168 million.

Improvement has been felt in all FCC´s activites, but especially in the construction field. Its operative margin increased from 7% to 11.7%. However, Spain performed worse with a 4.9% depreciation, while internationally the firm earned 14.8%. Business in Southern America jumped by 48% (€184 mn), in the United Kingdom by 12% (€200 mn) and in the Middle East by 52% (51.8 mn).


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