Evictions Rate Doubles in 2013 & Reaches 20.000 by June

28/01/2014 – Cinco Días

The Bank of Spain again twists the screw to tune its statistic analysis on evictions up. The new data made public on Tuesday, this time takes under consideration the whole financial sector, not a bulk like it happened in previous reports and, above all, it is not a survey for banks to collect official data anymore.

The information provided shows that the number of evictions doubled its pace in 2013, as in June their execution number was 19.567, juxtaposed with the 23.774 registered throughout the year 2012.

The total number of handing over of keys to banks due to mortgage non-payments has risen by June 2013 to 35.098 houses, albeit 15.531 of them have been handed over voluntarily.

Vast majority of the cases reffers to payment-in-kind (11.348), meaning that it was the only way out from the debt for a family.

The 19.567 evictions will be assigned as handing over of keys by court order. In 18.256 cases family had already abandoned the property and in 1.311 cases family kept living in the house. In 88 cases the security forces had to intervene.

The Bank of Spain itself highlights that “the tendency in the first quarter of 2013 shows growth in evictions number in reference to 2012, however, obviously, we do not know the reason of the magnitude in the second half of 2013”.

During the entire last year, the number of house handing over climbed up to 44.745, out of which 20.971 have been given in voluntarily (15.967 as the payment-in-kind) and 23.744 by court order.

The police had to intervene 346 times, out of total of 3.234 houses that have been occupied in the moment of eviction and the 20.540 houses already abandoned after the judicial order arrival.


Source: Cinco Días