Eurostat: Spain’s Construction Sector Grew by 6.1% in September

19 November 2018 – Eje Prime

The construction sector in Spain is growing. In September, activity in the sector rose by 6.1%, which represents the second largest increase of the year so far, according to provisional data published today by the European statistics agency Eurostat.

The largest increase in 2018 was recorded in March, when construction activity soared by 20.4%. In monthly terms, construction output in Spain also continued to rise in September, with an increase of 1.6%.

That figure is above the number registered for the Eurozone as a whole, where the sector grew by 2% in September compared with the previous month. In YoY terms, the increase was 4.6% and, like in Spain, it constituted the second highest rise of the year, after January (6.6%).

Meanwhile, in the European Union as a whole, construction activity grew in month-on-month terms in September by 1.7%, compared with a fall of half a percentage point recorded in August. With respect to the same period a year earlier, the sector grew by 4.2%.

The largest increases were recorded in Hungary, where construction soared by 25.8%; Slovenia, with a rise of 25.7%; and Poland, with growth of 20.2%. By contrast, the largest decreases were recorded in Bulgaria (-4%), Sweden (-1.5%) and Romania (-1%).

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation: Carmel Drake