The España Building Will Have to Preserve Its Facade, Even When It Is Downgraded in Listing

22/05/2014 – Expansion

Madrid´s authorities consider ´probable´reduction of the España building listing grade from II* (in Spain 2nd structural) to II (3rd partial) which would allow demolition of the unused part of the property that has pulled its value down over the past years and save the facade and sides.

This is what a proposal issued by Santander Banif to the Local Commission of the Historical Heritage states. It also points out the necessity of preserving those parts of the buildings which ´represent importance in architectual and sculptural view´, i.e. ´the main facade facing the Plaza de España Square and the sides´. In response, the Commission thinks the proposal ´viable´ and it will be included in the General Plan for the area. The plot of 4.541 square meters carrying the building is assigned as ´of residential use´.

Mariano Palacios from the Town Planning Department of the City Council criticized ´modification of the General Plan in favour of needs of individuals´asking ´why to list a building if later it can be easily downgraded?´.

There are two approaches to the amendments called ´La Habana´and ´Paris´. The first assumes protection of the facade, whereas the other both outside and inside of the building.


Original article: Expansión (after Europa Press)

Translation: AURA REE