Eroski Finalizes The Sale Of Its Real Estate Company Gonuri And Other Assets To Raise EUR 300 Million By August

7 February 2016 – El Diario Vasco

Eroski is working around the clock to give their creditor banks “enough comfort” – as financial people say, by the end of the month. The group led by Agustin Markaide must complete before March the sale of sufficient real estate assets to repay EUR 299 million to those entities which last year agreed refinancing over EUR 2,500 million in debt until 2019.

Actually, Eroski does not have to pay in the coming days, but show the banks sufficient documentation proving that the negotiations are going well and that it will satisfy the payment before July 31st, when the six-month grace period of that tranche of refinancing matures.

Original story: El Vasco (by Julio Díaz de Alda)

Translation: Aura Ree