Entrecampos Loses 10.4% of its Rental Income due to Coronavirus

17 April 2020 – Brainsre.news

The Socimi has applied a 50% discount on the rents of its commercial premises, although its revenues from homes and offices have remained stable.

The Socimi Entrecampos Cuatro has stated that it is going to apply rental discounts amounting to around €51,700 for the month of April, “which represents 10.40% of the total to be invoiced this month”, according to a report filed by the firm with the Alternative Investment Market (MAB)

The impact of the coronavirus crisis has focused mainly on commercial premises, which is why the company has chosen to offer 50% discounts on the rent for the clients of this type of property for the month of April. Meanwhile, in the case of offices and homes, the Socimi is continuing to invoice as normal.

Original Story: Brainsre.news

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake