The energy certificate will be approved in January and will be compulsory when acquiring or renting a property from April on.

From April on, anyone selling or renting a property built before 2007, will need a certificate of energy efficiency. According to the Ministry of Industry, the royal decree draft which includes this document will be approved this month and will have an adaptation period of two months, and therefore will be demanded by the government from April on.

This is a requirement established by Brussels which should have been approved on the 1st January. The Ministry of Industry is now assuring that the royal decree draft will be approved this month, but if the approval period is not respected, then most probably Spain will have to assume a fine from Europe.

After the coming into force of the new legislation, any owner in Spain who wishes to sell or rent his property will need to have this certificate available for the buyer and/or tenant. Only those buildings which are considered protected monuments, cult places or housing buildings with a rental agreement for less than four months per year, among others, are free from this obligation.

Any property will have a tag similar to the ones already used on electrical appliances which indicate how efficient they are when it comes to energy consumption. Currently this tag is already used in recently built houses, classifying each property with a color code based on a scale from category “a” (the most efficient) to “g” (the least efficient).

Source: Idealista