Emerige Will Build 200 Homes In Spain In 2017

18 May 2017 – Observatorio Inmobiliario

The French real estate developer Emerige, which has been operating in Spain since 2013, is going to build 200 homes in Spain during 2017, according to a statement made by the company’s Deputy Director General, Yann Bloch.

At the same time, the head of the French real estate company announced the marketing of its latest development in Madrid, by Proel Consultoría, which will be officially unveiled at SIMA. It is a 105 home development – also containing one commercial unit – located on Calle General Yagüe 37, in the immediate vicinity of the Paseo de la Castellana business district. The development, which is under construction, will feature the high quality and design standards that characterise Emerige.

The French real estate company, founded in 1989 by Laurent Dumas, is one of the major property developers in Paris and the surrounding region. It specialises in the development of offices and homes, as well as in the restructuring of real estate assets. In 2017, it has more than 1,500 homes under construction and more than 200,000 m2 of tertiary space.

Emerige is characterised primarily by its special dedication to aesthetics and the design of its buildings, for which it collaborates with the best international architectural firms (David Chipperfield, RCR, Rafael de la Hoz, Factoría UDA, Antonio Ruiz Barbarín…). Another defining element is the firm’s attention to contemporary art, through patronage work, as well as by incorporating works of art into its projects. “We work in all segments of the market, but always with a special care and requirement for quality. We pay more attention to the quality of our operations than to the quantity”, said Yann Bloch.

This philosophy has been translated into projects that Emerige is constructing in Spain “where we are working only with Spanish collaborators, from the project manager to the architects, always with high levels of quality and demand”.

In theory, Emerige will limit its operations in Spain to central locations of Madrid and Barcelona. In this latest project, it began the journey with a project to renovate a 3,000 m2 property containing 29 homes, which has already been finished and sold in its entirety.

In Barcelona, the firm is currently marketing a project under construction, comprising the transformation of an office building into 24 apartments, located on Calle Montaner. In Madrid, it is currently working on the aforementioned project on Calle General Yaguë and is now at a very advanced stage on another 61-home property on Calle Garibay, 3, in conjunction with the firm Rafael de la Hoz, which it will start to market at the end of the year.

Original story: Observatorio Inmobiliario

Translation: Carmel Drake