Echegoyen Appoints Two New Executive Directors At Sareb

26 February 2015 – Expansión

Sareb’s Chairman, Jaime Echegoyen (pictured centre) has appointed two new Executive Directors, Manual Gómez (pictured left) and Óscar García (pictured right), with the aim of making the company “more cohesive and efficient and able to take full advantage of the recovery in the market”.

In a statement today, the company detailed that Manuel Gómez, who has been CFO of Sareb until now, will take on the role of Director of Global Resources. Iker Beraza will take on his previous responsibilities, along with the strategic management of the company.

Meanwhile, Óscar García, current secretary general and company secretary, will become the new Director of Corporate Development and Legal Affairs, a role that he will combine with those he has been carrying out until now.

Original story: Expansión

Translation: Carmel Drake