Driven by National Demand, Hotel Industry Grows 4.3% by May

25/06/2014 – Expansion

Overnight stays in Spanish hotels amassed to 26.7 million visitors in May and increased by 1.4% in regard to the same month a year earlier, boosted by 4% contribution of the local guests, while foreigner figures rose by mere 0.2%. Out of all May overnight stays, 8.5 million corresponded to the country´s citizens, whereas 18.2 million to international visitors.

According to data published by Spain´s National Instititute of Statistics, comparing the first five months of the year with the same period of time in 2013, the growth posts 4.3%. April saw the smallest rebound since July 2013.

The visitors stayed in the hotels for 3.5 day on average, by 3.2% shorter than they did in May 2013. This year´s records registered 8.5 million customers, out of which 3.8 million were Spanish citizens and 3.8 million were not. In the same month, 51.7% available rooms got taken, by 1.1% more, whereas the occupancy at the end of the week marked 59.1%, better by 3.1% than a year before.

The Canary Islands performed best with a 62.2% occupancy rate, followed by the Balearic Islands (59.9%) and Madrid´s Community (57.8%).

Out of all non-resident travellers, guests from the UK and Germany accounted for 28.1% and 24.1% respectively, however, in year-on-year terms, they disappeared by 7% and 6%. Noteworthy is the recovery from the side of the Italian market with 0.56 million overnight stays and a YOY increase of 17.8%, as well as the 9.3% appreciation of the French, up to 1.8 millon stays.

The most popular holiday destination among the foreigners were the Balearic Islands which hosted 30.2% of all stays, although compared to May 2013 they declined 6.8%. Later on, one may find the Canaries (20.8% of the total) and Catalonia (19.2%).

In turn, Spanish residents would rather choose Andalusia (21.6%), the Valencian Community (13.6%), Catalonia (13.4%) and Madrid (15.3%). In the Community of Madrid solely, overnight stays by Spaniards upsurged 15.3%.

The average billing per occupied room in hotel establishments marked 67.5 Euros, by 4.9% more than in 2013. When it comes to the income per available room (RevPar), it reached 38.3 Euros, meaning a rebound of 5.7%.


Original article: Expansión (after EFE)

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