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DomusVi Acquires Gerovida to Add 2,287 Nursing Home Beds to its Portfolio

7 March 2019 – Alimarket

In December, the DomusVi Group acquired the nursing home specialist Gerovida to add 2,287 beds and more than 300 day places in 19 residential centres to its portfolio.

This deal consolidated DomusVi’s position as the market leader in Spain, bringing its total number of nursing home beds to almost 20,000, in 75 centres. Across Europe, the group has 372 centres, located in France (180), Portugal (4) and Spain (188).

In Spain, the DomusVi group is owned by the holding company GeriaVi, which closed 2018 with revenues of more than €532 million.

Original story: Alimarket (by Eva de Frutos)

Summary/Translation: Carmel Drake